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Your #1 source for Wide Fitting Soccer Shoes

Wide Soccer Cleats is currently operating in Tokyo, Japan. We specialize in providing sporting equipment both domestically and internationally. With our positive reputation and long experience (since 2010!), we are confident we can provide you with an outstanding shopping experience!

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  • 100% Authentic Shoes direct from the Manufacturer
  • Best customer service
  • Shipped Directly from Tokyo, Japan

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With our positive reputation and long experience in helping soccer players and athletes find wide fitting shoes, we are confident in providing you a fully satisfying shopping experience!


“Its unbelievable how fast and free my shoes can arrive from the other side of the world.

Jonathan Maes, Belgium (EU)

“They fit!!! They fit!!! They fitt!!! This is the happiest day of my life, thinking that i might actually get to play soccer in REAL soccer cleats again!! Thank you so much, i truly appreciate this!!

David Allen, USA