To buy the perfect soccer shoes or cleats, you'll need to determine your foot length and width. This is extremely easy to do, and here's how:


Do you currently own a pair of soccer shoes or cleats? Soccer shoe sizes (length) are universally standardized for major brands (except Nike's are usually built a little larger) so please order the same size. This is the most reliable way for you to receive shoes that fit you best.

If you don't own soccer shoes, or wear Nike, please go to a store nearby to check your size.


On our store, we have 3 width options (wide, extra-wide, super-wide). To determine what width your feet are, there's 2 ways:

Simple Method

How tight are the soccer shoes or cleats you try-on at the store? Most soccer shoes at stores only offer standard normal width sizes. So here's the rule of thumb:

1. "My feet need a little bit more space as it feels uncomfortable around the sides. Especially when I stand up, the sides of my feet feels compressed" - You have Wide Feet (2E).

2. "My feet can only barely fit inside the shoe because the sides are too tight. The length is perfect, but the width is killing me" - You have Extra-Wide Feet (3E).

3. "My feet won't fit inside the shoes. In fact, I've never worn comfortable soccer shoes in my entire life because they've all been too damn tight" - You have Super-Wide Feet (4E).


Length-Width Chart
Below is a comparison of the length of your shoes against the width. The width measurements represent the circumference around the widest part of your foot (below the toes). When measuring the circumference, you will need a tape measure.

***Very important - Step on the tape measure with your foot on the ground when measuring your foot width. This will be your appropriate foot width.

length and width guide 

Men's Footwear Conversion Chart



asics sizing


mizuno sizing


nike sizing


puma sizing


Breaking-into the Shoes (Reverse Fitting)

When you first purchase your shoes, they may feel a little tight. They are designed this way, so your feet can mold into the shoes for a perfect fit.

When you wear them for the first time:

1. Fully loosen all the laces right down to the bottom eyelet;

2. Then tighten the boot around your foot


This will help the shoes shape correctly around your midfoot, and the end-result is a pair of cleats with an outstanding glove-like fit!